The free stuff is one area of the website I seem to have trouble keeping up to date. I spend so much time on the sweepstakes listings that I don't always have time to find and list new freebies. I know there's quite a few people who like this part of my site and so any help I can get in this area would be appreciated. If you know of a good free sample or other legitimate give-away, please tell me about it. If you don't have the time to fill in the details all I need is the URL. If you can fill in the rest, however, it would help me a lot.

Anyone who is familiar with this website knows that I'm picky about what I list. I try very hard to avoid any type of scam. There's lots of good free stuff out there and they're easy to find but please don't be insulted if I choose not to list something. Click here for some guidelines.

URL: (Example:

Link Text: (Example: Dove--Energy Glow Free Sample)

Restrictions: (Age, location, etc. - if there are any)

Expiry Date:   (Example: March 24, 2007 - if there is one)

Country:     United States   Canada    (Please check one or both)

Your Screen Name:   (This will show as part of the listing)

  <- Click here when you're ready to send this to me

Thanks so much for helping.


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