Photos? For a bathroom tissue sweep? Should be interesting (for lack of another word).

Posted by: Artanis1 on February 11, 2017

Hahaha! I thought the same thing!!

Posted by: debi48 on February 11, 2017

It's "how you keep going," not necessarily bathroom-wise. I uploaded an old photo of me happily displaying my eggplant-colored arm thanks to a broken elbow. I WOULD'VE downloaded a picture of my wife, but that would be for a contest called "why you decided to give up."

Posted by: sirlaffalot on February 12, 2017

Haha! Funny sirlaffalot!!!

Posted by: debi48 on February 13, 2017

I bet it's single ply

Posted by: anonymous on February 18, 2017

My god i need this.

Posted by: Dick Gaylord on February 25, 2017

It wouldn't let me enter without downloading a picture, so I sent the one of the happy dog with the mutilated Curious George monkey that says, "I put an end to his curiosity."

Posted by: JBRITTAIN2 on May 27, 2017

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