Posted by: kayabbott on November 6, 2017


Posted by: tomgirl on November 11, 2017

any winners on here yet for the daily $100 gift card? Should be some of us.

Posted by: RobO on November 19, 2017

Service Temporarily unavailable

Posted by: warrior1 on November 24, 2017

hahaha its 84

Posted by: weezerz4 on November 28, 2017

oops- sorry- no its not. wrote it down wrong- lol

Posted by: weezerz4 on November 28, 2017

I just won a gift card!

Posted by: kewlshopper 15 hours ago

I just won a $100 GC too!

Posted by: Shosh1 13 hours ago

I won a $100 gift card today too.

Posted by: Kerrismom 12 hours ago

I won a $100 gift card today as well.

Posted by: Dinny 11 hours ago

I also won a $100 gift card today.

Posted by: ducky 10 hours ago

what 5 winners today??? wow, awesome. How did all of you find out? was it an instant pop up after entering, or an email you received earlier today during "business hours"?
Maybe they back-ended the prizes to the end of the contest since no one was winning earlier.

Posted by: RobO 10 hours ago

Won $100 GC today also

Posted by: kleptobike 2 hours ago

I received an e-mail. This time no need for filling out forms or any other administrivia. Just a note to say Purolator would be delivering it.

Posted by: ducky 36 minutes ago

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