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Posted by: Parallel on November 7, 2017

where you shop drop down not working for me.....went incognito and it worked.....go figure

Posted by: sidetracker on November 7, 2017

this is odd

Posted by: Parallel on November 7, 2017

Like Parallel above, I also had to sign up for the newsletter to get the entry form to submit.

Posted by: curmudgeon on November 7, 2017

huh, the options for where I buy produce doesn't even list BC stores where I shop. Mostly US & Eastern Canada ones. So I have to lie - what.ever.

Posted by: Suze on November 7, 2017

Suze, just below the drop down list - - Your store not listed above? Enter it here:

Posted by: anonymous on November 7, 2017

don't know if I should even bother.. unlimited probably means some maniacs are going to enter all day long lol

Posted by: eriness on November 7, 2017

I'm wondering exactly what they mean by a shipment of apples. That could be a LOT of apples...Lol

Posted by: Sue A. on November 7, 2017

Well Sue A. if it ends up being too large I bet family, friends and your local food bank will take some off of your hands. A good problem to have as they are delicious apples!

Posted by: wishfulthinking on November 8, 2017

be ware of this site

Posted by: anonymous on November 8, 2017

when I try to "add to my contests" it takes me to my log out pagem happened yesterday as well.

Posted by: wandajeanp on November 8, 2017

@Suze. The form I fill out has a space that indicates "If your store is not listed above write the name of your store here". So you can list your store.

Posted by: altheajj on November 9, 2017

Thanks all who pointed out the "if your store is not listed" bit. I emailed them and they added that. I was amazed at their quick response!

Posted by: Suze on November 9, 2017

Years ago, I won over 200 1 litre boxes of Sun-Rype Apple juice. A
semi-truck pulled up and unloaded it to the surprise of my neighbours.
I shared with family & friends and donated to youth shelters and churches.
They really appreciated it. I would love to win Jazz apples and share again if
I had too many.

Posted by: miali1 on December 8, 2017

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