I think these are a pain to enter. Who has won anything from Steamy Kitchen?

Posted by: Kmn711 on January 4, 2023

I have won twice from Steamy Kitchen but nothing big for a few years. Lately, Hubby and I have won $10 a time or two on the instant win.

Posted by: nancerelli on January 5, 2023

Thats good to hear. I've been skipping the $10 instant win since these are such a pain to enter. Maybe I'll start entering those too.

Posted by: Kmn711 on January 5, 2023

I've won too, an instant win and something bigger

Posted by: mjrudy on January 5, 2023

Hubby won another $10 on the Best Buy Instant Win on the very day it expired.

Posted by: nancerelli on January 6, 2023

I've won a couple of times! Of course, far and few between.

Posted by: botlskru on January 12, 2023

Good to hear. Is it pain for everyone else to enter these contests too? Its a lot of ads, scrolling and searching for the entry forms for me. Very time consuming. Any tips or tricks to make it easier to enter?

Posted by: Kmn711 on January 12, 2023

I find it a PITA when Viral Sweep starts freezing. I've tried deleting the cookies but it doesn't always help.

Posted by: mjrudy on January 12, 2023

I use the incognito mode on Chrome for these giveaways. I find it works a little better.

Posted by: nancerelli on January 13, 2023

Now I'm getting a "LOAD" button after the first few entries. I have to click on it for every time I enter a new prize! FRUSTRATING!!

Posted by: botlskru on January 14, 2023

botlskru, try going into the incognito mode on your computer

Posted by: nancerelli on January 15, 2023

I ve been having major problems and haven t been able to enter there for three days now. After entering a couple sweeps I don t load the form. I doubt I could trigger the lock out after three entries! Then last night I had the forms loading but they would freeze up when I try to enter. Major PITA! I sent a message to Jaden two nights ago. No response. Any suggestions.

Posted by: jinxsmom1 on January 18, 2023

I've been having lots of problems too. I'm about to give up on Steamy Kitchen contests. Way too much of a PITA and too frustrating. Not worth it.

Posted by: Kmn711 on January 18, 2023

If you are using a computer with a mouse, right-click and go into incognito mode (on Chrome; it is 'private' on Mozilla). The form loads just fine.

Posted by: ronnieg on January 18, 2023

Even on a mobile device, I started using incognito and it did work a little better. But yesterday it didn't. It started out working okay, then got progressively worse. I don't know what happened but these are the worst contests to enter for me.

Posted by: Kmn711 on January 18, 2023

I ll try incognito and email them again. If it doesn t work and they don t work I m giving up. Also having the same problem with dog blog. I think they have increased the number of contests to the point their system can t handle. I hate this!

Posted by: jinxsmom1 on January 18, 2023

I have Steamy Kitchen working well now. I had third party cookies allowed on my tablet for another contest. It seems when I turned them off the site became a lot faster. Same thing happened with dog blog.. I hope this helps those having problems with the site.

Posted by: jinxsmom1 on February 3, 2023

I was just notified I won a Allisable Red Light Therapy Light. I was also given the option of a $150 Amazon gift card as fulfillment! I'm not sure if I believe the red light therapy hype so I chose the gift card. Good luck.

Posted by: Bainbridgita on May 9, 2023

Congratulations, Baingridgita. That is a nice choice.

Posted by: nancerelli on May 11, 2023

Referral code for Spin to Win Instant Win Airbnb giftcard:

Posted by: Roscoe2013 on June 25, 2023

Just in case: Here is my referral link to win a $100 Home Refresh Giveaway:


Posted by: nancerelli on July 17, 2023

Entries are not completing the process! Repeats the same entry form! When I scroll down after confirmed entry, the entry form just repeats again and again!?

Posted by: botlskru on July 31, 2023

Getting the same as botlskru. I've written to them a couple of times but no help in getting it fixed. Some of the contests work fine but more and more won't give me the bonus page, just repeats the entry form. Maybe giving up soon.

Posted by: BlueCrab on August 8, 2023

I go into 'private' mode or incognito, and it usually works just fine

Posted by: ronnieg on August 8, 2023

Cannot enter as of yesterday! Even with 5 days left on first row starting with Target and Fall Refresh! Link does not appear on any!

Posted by: botlskru on November 30, 2023

Linda, please change end date to ongoing. Thank you!

Posted by: pinkrocks on December 21, 2023

Still trying to win on this platform

Posted by: omaME on May 4, 2024

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