I was ready to enter and then realized that the lodging is only a mile from where I live.

Posted by: dlroberts on November 23, 2023

@dl: Bwaahaha!
This Eclipse is one of the biggest draws to Texas for 2024. It will probably turn cloudy and rain, lol.

Posted by: JBRITTAIN2 on November 23, 2023

@dlroberts. Well, steal some coat hangers or something to make it worthwhile.

Posted by: savagemutt2 on November 26, 2023

I think you are only allowed 2 entries per person by the free method here. See the rules...each free entry is worth 2500 entries; the max entries allowed is 5000.

Posted by: sweepsiohawk on November 28, 2023

To sweepsiohawk: yes, I read the rules thoroughly after a couple of days of trying and found that statement. Even if I don't win, i can still sit in my backyard and watch the eclipse with the same view the Society gets -- but, I do like Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Posted by: dlroberts on November 28, 2023

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