Not working

Posted by: Char23 on April 20, 2024

Form just flips back to entry , not getting a scratch off. I sent them a note.

Posted by: BlueCrab on April 24, 2024

Reply from Bark
Could you please attempt to access the page using a different browser or device, or clearing your browser's cache?
I tried FF and Chrome still nothing.I cleared cache for this site and still nothing.

Posted by: BlueCrab on April 25, 2024

I also just tried incognito still nothing .

Posted by: BlueCrab on April 25, 2024

Working fine now, using Chrome.

Posted by: ebjrocks on May 13, 2024

Worked X 2 earlier this month now back to just flipping. UG !

Posted by: BlueCrab on May 19, 2024

All I get is a page that says one word "maintenance" (Chrome)

Posted by: Trying2win on July 3, 2024

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