Royale - Experience Canada Your Way Canadian Adventure Contest

Royale - Experience Canada Your Way Canadian Adventure Contest
Prize: Enter for your chance to win a trip for four, to one of four amazing weekend destinations. Choose from a weekend in Quebec City, a weekend of river rafting in Ottawa, a weekend whale-watching in Newfoundland or an outdoor activity weekend in Whistler. All trips are valued between $6,125 and $13,000 each or plan your own weekend adventure by taking the $9,000 cash prize. The grand prize contest ends July 1st. There are also 196,000 instant win prizes to be won until December 31st, with a PIN code from purchase of specially-marked products.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority--You must be a member of the Moment with Royale newsletter (free)
Value: $13000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: December 31, 2017posted on May 2, 2017


You must be a member of Sponsor s Moment with ROYALE newsletter
program ( Program ) to participate

Posted by: Parallel on May 2, 2017

Thanks--added that info.

Posted by: Contestgirl on May 2, 2017

The page freezes .

Posted by: anonymous on May 2, 2017

page freezes for me too

Posted by: laughy2004 on May 2, 2017

Everyone who enters the contest becomes a member. One has to click on the become a member button to submit the entry.

Posted by: anonymous on May 2, 2017

freezes for me as well

Posted by: GG on May 3, 2017

They need to fix that. Entering this contest was like fighting a battle

Posted by: Dave on May 3, 2017

No problems entering for me at all

Posted by: Parallel on May 3, 2017

Easy entry for me also both on iPad and on laptop

Posted by: anonymous on May 3, 2017

They always have great contests but I can't enter them one of my sisters works for Irving paper products. :(

Posted by: Ztu3091 on May 3, 2017

Anyone with a UPC?

Posted by: smeptor on May 4, 2017

I think it's a PIN from specially marked ROYALE products you need, not a UPC.

Posted by: kathydubreuil on May 5, 2017

I dont understand why contests from companies like these dont remember that you became a "member" on each and everyone of their previous contests. why cant they just let you log in and play when they come up with a new contest?

Posted by: Shirley54 on May 7, 2017

I like this part for contacting winner:
No messages will be left if the call is not answered.

Posted by: cassmatColleen on May 8, 2017

I am sure I enter within the 'day' definition in the rules but I get a message saying otherwise.
Am I the only one who noticed this?
Good Luck!

Posted by: paula3kids on May 12, 2017

I just got the same thing paula3kids. I entered last night around 9 & tried at 7:30 but was told I already entered today. I checked & they define a day as running from 12:00 am (ET) to 11:59 pm (ET)

Posted by: rctrevors58 on May 14, 2017

OK thanks rctrevors58. I am keeping an eye on the time and have no choice but consider this a 24h contest. Good luck!

Posted by: paula3kids on May 15, 2017

i just realized this is an almost year long contest. good luck everyone. I like the cash instead of the weekend trip option. I can plan a pretty decent weekend without spending 13,000 and banking 9,000 seems pretty nice.

Posted by: Shirley54 on May 16, 2017

200,000 prizes and I entered my pin and no win.

Posted by: Flo on May 29, 2017

It always worked before- opened but you had to wait 24 hours to enter. Tonight there is just a red page.

Posted by: eabeier on May 31, 2017

It is working now eabeier. Good Luck!

Posted by: paula3kids on June 1, 2017

entered PIN & no win

Posted by: Nicole on June 4, 2017

Entered pin and I think I won a pack of tissue (Maybe to dry my tears) after I answered skill question the prize became "congratulations your (undefined prize) will arrive in aprox 60 days or less." At least my husband bought the package with the pin this time.

Posted by: Angelehm on June 5, 2017

entered a PIN and won a coupon for a free box of Royale Facial Tissue.

Posted by: CorrieStFan on June 11, 2017

I'm also having problems with the ET deadline. I've emailed customer service. They need to fix the problem. Oh and someone said this contest is a year long. It's only until July 1 for the grand prize. If you buy product and get PINs you can enter for instant win prizes for the rest of the year.

Posted by: 123ABC on June 18, 2017

I've included the PIN code part of the contest so extended the end date.

Posted by: Contestgirl on June 18, 2017

entered a pin tonight nadda blah

Posted by: seadog on June 18, 2017

Fpc-facial tissue box, won today

Posted by: WinA on June 19, 2017

egzffqjn not sure if it will after i tried it but worth a shot

Posted by: msjensan on July 2, 2017

You can only enter with a pin now through Dec. 31.

Posted by: jking on July 4, 2017

I redeemed my 154 count facial tissue & won another box of the same, value 3.05 $ the coupon indicate: price of the box + handling fees. Is that means - customer pays all the taxes ? What is your experience?

Posted by: WinA on July 16, 2017

At the bottom of the page it says the contest is now closed.

Posted by: anonymous on August 3, 2017

I just purchased 9 packages of Royale Velour Bathroom Tissue and 8 boxes of Royale Tissue from Shoppers and not one of them had the special marked package.

Posted by: VioletS on September 11, 2017

Won 3 Rd box

Posted by: WinA on October 16, 2017

I guess we'll need a box of tissues, if we don't get to the phone fast enough, since they won't leave a message. Taking my phone to the bathroom is not exactly hygienic.

Posted by: anonymous on November 25, 2017

I've got a newsletter now. Click here to find out about it.