Food Allergy Canada - Drive the Discussion Contest

Food Allergy Canada - Drive the Discussion Contest
Prize: a $2,500 Rona gift card or one of their weekly prizes of a $500 gift card. You have to tell them your tip on how you safely manage your food allergies but they won't judge - the winners will be selected through a random draw.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority
Value: $2500
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: August 20, 2017posted on August 4, 2017


You can enter each week

entrants can only win one weekly prize and one grand prize per household

Posted by: Parallel on August 4, 2017

We don't allow peanuts in the house, and anything with traces of stays seperate from the rest of the food

Posted by: Melanie Hayes on August 4, 2017

Is this contest a sham? I looked at the" viewing gallery" and it's all the same few tips over and over again but under different names......

Posted by: anonymous on August 4, 2017

it's weekly

Posted by: demon1102 on August 4, 2017

you are right the comments are duplicates w different names. looks odd to me

Posted by: wishfulthinking on August 5, 2017

the url I get is weird !!??

Posted by: FYI on August 5, 2017

You choose from a list of pre-written tips, so they aren't manually submitted. Looks legit to me.

Posted by: wsiemens on August 5, 2017

Ahhhhh thank you for the clarification wsiemens!

Posted by: Beigewood on August 5, 2017

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