Veranda Magazine - Maria Canale Necklace Sweepstakes

Veranda Magazine - Maria Canale Necklace Sweepstakes
Prize: a $60,000 necklace from Maria Canale. Make sure you select the "no free trial" link unless you want a subscription.
Restrictions:  18 or older--no QC
Value: $60000
Frequency: Single Entry
End Date: December 25, 2017posted on November 3, 2017


Wow I think I would be scared to wear that.

Posted by: Kirkir16 on November 3, 2017

You'll be on the hook for paying at least $20,000 US. in taxes if you win.

Posted by: anonymous on November 3, 2017

The contest is open to Canadians and therefore complying with our rules, it says Canadians must correctly answer a skill testing question, we don't pay taxes on contest wins.

Posted by: PuttyTatters on November 3, 2017

Can you sell it and then use part of the money to pax the taxes? lol

Posted by: anonymous on November 3, 2017

yes anonymous, you can.

Posted by: stemko on November 3, 2017

is it possible for them to bill you once you send your address and zip code. seems like a very shady site to me its not even secure

Posted by: SelfMadeSweeper on November 4, 2017

Uh-oh. I did not see a "no free trial " link on the contest page. I entered the contest and then got a message saying Id get a free issue and then be billed for a bunch more. BOO!!!

Posted by: anonymous on November 4, 2017

Anonymous, et al, first of all, if you want the free trial, you just send the bill they send you back, with the word cancel written across it, in the envelope that they provide. If you don't want to do that, you can go to customer service and cancel the subscription( it may take a day or 2 to get into your account).

Posted by: kimbilly on November 4, 2017

60,000$ ??? really??

Posted by: sphinx69 on November 16, 2017

I dont think these magazine ones are legit i think its purely a marketing tactic to drive orders and i dont enter the magazine ones just my opinion.My dad entered all magazine and publishers clearing house religiously never missed one for 70 years and never won one thing ever.

Posted by: mrssanders932 on November 28, 2017

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