Burnbrae Farms - Real Eggs, Real Easy Contest

Burnbrae Farms - Real Eggs, Real Easy Contest
Prize: one of three prizes of an Apple iPad Mini worth $549 each.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority
Value: $549
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: January 31, 2018posted on November 21, 2017


Strictly one entry per email/IP ADRESS PER WEEK.

Posted by: Parallel on November 21, 2017

A good way to try and stop the cheaters.

Posted by: anonymous on November 24, 2017

where theres a will theres a way, unfortunately

Posted by: seadog on November 25, 2017

If they eradicate all the cheaters what will anonymous have to constantly complain about!?

Posted by: MickelSwickel on November 27, 2017


Posted by: eriness on November 27, 2017


Posted by: joana on November 27, 2017

STQ = 16

Posted by: newamsterdam on November 27, 2017

Anyone else having trouble with the "title"? I tap it - but it won't give me the options- so can't submit..

Posted by: joana on November 28, 2017

I do believe there are cheaters out there (unfortunately) and I am glad that this company has implemented IP checking for 1 entry limits. Hopefully most ALL other sponsors will do same too.
Not complaining, just my humble opinion.

Posted by: RobO on November 28, 2017

joana, I had a problem with the "drop-down" title menu. I emailed the company because it did not work for me on their newsletter email either. They indicated that everything was fine. I did manage to enter through a different link. I can't remember exactly but I think it was contest.burnbraefarms.com

Posted by: wildthing58 on November 30, 2017

Sorry, joana. Add to that URL /realeggsrealeasy. Hope that works for you.

Posted by: anonymous on November 30, 2017

i wonder why wee don't have to crack an egg this time

Posted by: seadog on November 30, 2017

I guess cheaters only cheat on a daily basis not a weekly one. Anonymous, there are terrible things going on in the world - perhaps you should focus on those instead

Posted by: warrior1 on November 30, 2017

And once again, having worked in a library, I see the number of people come in to use our computers who do not have computer/internet of their own. One per IP address allows only 1 person to enter a contest for a city of 56,000 people. As much good as this does for those who worry about cheaters, it also harms the people who cannot afford their own internet.

Posted by: kthorn62 on December 1, 2017

I don t believe the one entry/ IP address/per email/ per week is strictly to deter cheaters ( after all if that s your thing you will continue to cheat). I think the sponsor just wants to make it clear that only one person in a household can enter on any given week.

Kthofn62, never thought about how that would affect those who use public access computers. Thanks for giving us a different perspective to consider.

Posted by: anonymous on December 1, 2017

I'm not so sure that a library ("city") has only one IP address associated to it. If there was any criminal activity on a computer, they would have to be able to localise where it came from, down to the specific location and perhaps computer that was used.
Don't buy that theory. Although maybe public access computers like at a library might "mask" their IP so it doesn't show to the contest sponsor??? Don't know....not an expert...just thoughts.
and "if that s your thing you will continue to cheat"...well if it keeps it legitimate for any particular contest, then all for it. And if it makes it ANY harder for the cheaters and keeps it real for us 'play by the books' folk that's a big positive outcome. I know, I know, I'm starting to sound the that "anonymous" on here...but I just like to have a chance by hoping it's a FAIR playing field. Only then you'll win more often.

Posted by: RobO on December 1, 2017

I don't get so perturbed if someone brings up cheaters sometimes. Unfortunately, it is an issue nowadays more than ever. I've read enough about what cheaters do with contesting. So I think it's good if sponsors try to do something to deter it. Anyway, that's my opinion thrown in. Merry Christmas everyone.

Posted by: kristif on December 3, 2017

Im not sure how sticky companies really are about the IP rule.. a few years ago my neighbour and I signed up for brand sampler using library computers at the same branch...we both received them. And BrandSampler website specifically states about a hundred times that it is only one submission per IP..?

Posted by: anonymous on December 4, 2017

Public access computers in a library, whether 4 stations or 15 stations are served with one IP address. And library's do not mask their IP address. The one's masking their IP address are usually hiding something, or trying to get something from somewhere illegally ie. American Netflix in Canada.

Posted by: kthorn62 on December 8, 2017

ANONYMOUS__It only takes 1 entry to win. Good Luck.

Posted by: lillian56 10 hours ago

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