Ease Meditation - Meditation Giveaway

Ease Meditation - Meditation Giveaway
Prize: a weekly prize of $25 in Paypal cash.
Restrictions:  18 or older
Requires:  Facebook
Value: $25
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: April 29, 2018posted on November 25, 2017
Thanks to: MichaelArslan for telling me about this one


It says this contest is no longer accepting entries.

Posted by: ashleyr0877 on November 27, 2017

Worked today

Posted by: warrior1 on November 30, 2017

States it ends April 29 2018 but today - Feb. 19, 2018 1 it says it has ended.

Posted by: Puddinpack on February 19, 2018

New week is up

Posted by: Parallel on February 19, 2018

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