Simons - December Discover Box Contest

Simons - December Discover Box Contest
Prize: one of two prizes of a Quartz Co. parka, worth up to $850.
Restrictions:  14 or older
Value: $850
Frequency: Single Entry
End Date: December 15, 2017posted on November 30, 2017


The answer is milkweed. :)

Posted by: rockabillynurse on November 30, 2017

Thanks rockabillynuse

Posted by: anonymous on November 30, 2017


Posted by: joana on November 30, 2017

Thanks u rock

Posted by: Parallel on November 30, 2017

I understand the lower monarch butterfly popuation is due to decling milkweed plants of a certain variety. Hope this company is ecologically aware.

Posted by: Scott2663 on November 30, 2017

They are touting the fact that they use "vegetal fibres" in one of their jackets - yet I see they use fox fur and coyote fur in the rest of their jackets. Totally unnecessary & a deal-breaker for me when shopping for a jacket. I'm out.

Posted by: Blondie78 on November 30, 2017

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