Victorinox - Christmas Competition Sweepstakes

Victorinox - Christmas Competition Sweepstakes
Prize: a $1,000 watch or one of their weekly prizes worth around $100. You have to click on the prize you'd like to win and complete the entry form.
Restrictions:  open worldwide
Value: $1000
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: December 20, 2017posted on November 30, 2017


Single females are apparently unqualified to enter...the title field only has "Mr" or "Mrs" and is a mandatory field. Single males can enter successfully. This doesn't seem fair to me.

Posted by: stymied on December 1, 2017

call NBC about this sexist sweepstakes, heh heh

Posted by: anonymous on December 1, 2017

...and apparently Germans (Herr or Frau) cannot enter either!

Posted by: sirlaffalot on December 1, 2017

In European cultures, after the age of 18 a female is bestowed respect that translates to our title "Mrs."

Posted by: nancy2880 on December 3, 2017

I'm offended! (sarcasm)

Posted by: anonymous on December 11, 2017

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