Home Outfitters - Happy Holidays Contest Giveaway

Home Outfitters - Happy Holidays Contest Giveaway
Prize: one of three prizes of an attachment for a KitchenAid stand mixer. The prizes are a pasta roller, a food grinder, a roto slicer and a spiralizer. It doesn't include the stand mixer so if you don't have one, it won't be much use. Leave a comment on their Facebook page to enter.
Restrictions:  no QC
Requires:  Facebook
Value: $240
Frequency: Single Entry
End Date: December 15, 2017posted on December 6, 2017


Getting cheap!

Posted by: Shosh1 on December 6, 2017

The attachments are not cheap. I would be delighted to win them.

Posted by: anonymous on December 6, 2017

This would be great if you own a Kitchenaid Mixer.

Posted by: smartpeach on December 6, 2017

ahhh Contestgirl, what you failed to realise is that many people on here enter every contest out there and sell the prize...not me, not worth the hassle. Plus I'd want to let it (any prize) go to someone who actually wants and can use it.

Posted by: RobO on December 6, 2017

Yes I won't enter this one either. I don't enter unless it's something I would actually want to win. I don't want to win stuff to sell it. Good luck to everyone who does choose to enter!!

Posted by: Beigewood on December 7, 2017

Must be nice not to need the money! I enter everything and sell what I can't use.

Posted by: warrior1 on December 7, 2017

I could use the money as I'm sure most on here could ..but I'm passing as well in hopes that it goes to someone that really wants it.

Posted by: LT on December 7, 2017

If it is not something that I can use, or gift to family I don't usually enter. Even though I don't have a KitchenAid stand mixer, my Mom is purchasing one for herself, so I'd love to be able to gift this to her!

Posted by: Countfrizzhair on December 7, 2017

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