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This is where you tell me about your sweepstakes or giveaway that you would like me to include in my sweepstakes lists. Simply fill out the form below and hit the "Send" button where you're done. If you complete the form correctly and it's not too late in the day, your listing should be in my directory tomorrow but I do reserve the right to reject any item if the form is not filled out properly or if the giveaway is not appropriate for my site. Please read the rules below the form. I hope I send a lot of visitor traffic your way. Linda.

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I don't like rules any more than you do so luckily there are only a few of them. I need to keep my website consistent and I need to keep control of it, so the few rules I do have are important. Please read them carefully.
Rule #1: Don't list the same giveaway more than once. If I see duplicates, I will not list them.
Rule #2: You must fill in the form correctly. When you click the Send button, you may get a message that you made a mistake on the form, in which case you will have to fix it and send it again. I hope you don't think I'm being too restrictive - I'm just trying to keep the Contestgirl website consistent.
Rule #3: That's it. Good luck with your giveaway - I hope I send you lots of traffic.