Note that the $50,000 prize will probably not be awarded. This is one of those "win a chance to win a chance" setups, where the grand prize is just an entry into another drawing:

"One (1) monthly grand prize will be awarded. The grand prize winner will play the MegaSweeps Game online and in the presence of Sponsor and Sponsor's agents and/or affiliates. The MegaSweeps Game is an instant win game where the odds of winning are 1 in 250. If the grand prize winner is an instant winner of the MegaSweeps Game he/she will win fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). If the grand prize winner is not an instant winner of the MegaSweeps Game he/she will win a consolation prize of one thousand dollars ($1,000)."

Posted by: ireneo on March 17, 2023

I can't bring myself to enter- good luck to those who do!
Between the win a chance and the 8/10 on Proximity to Suspicious Websites it's a bit too suspect for me. If legit, this is amazing, to the point, everyone should be talking about it..but we haven't and it's years old..hrmm Every state has legit second chance drawings on their own secure sites-why even bother with this.This feels like a massive source of info.harvesting for the wrong people..

Posted by: Amsamm on March 18, 2023

Not all contest are legitimate. If it says from a reputable company check their website before entering. Previously posted contests for Ebay Motors for a Ford F150 or $60,000 alternative cash was not posted on Ebay Motors. I contacted Ebay Motors about promotion. They asked me to forward it to them

Posted by: orphanedious on March 19, 2023

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