Looks like daily.

Posted by: MarilynAngela on May 23, 2015

"You may enter the giveaway once per day so don't forget to come back tomorrow!"

Posted by: A.J. on May 23, 2015


Posted by: artsysenior on May 23, 2015

Thanks guys. Fixed.

Posted by: Contestgirl on May 23, 2015

Anyone ever win from this one?

Posted by: MarilynAngela on April 2, 2017

Been entering this one every day for years, and never won anything....

Posted by: fstrjon on September 23, 2017

Anyone win on this one?

Posted by: KimGal on June 7, 2018

Don't see a form today. After 3+ years on this one, I think I can use the break!

Posted by: A.J. on September 1, 2018

I've played everyday for years without missing a day and without winning. I'm finally finished trying on this one, I'm done!!

Posted by: anonymous on October 9, 2018

I like that they provide a winners list.

Posted by: A.J. on October 9, 2018

I don't see the new form.

Posted by: A.J. on December 1, 2018

I suspect because Dec 1 was a Saturday the new one didn't appear.

The form is there now.

Posted by: nancerelli on December 3, 2018

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