Awesome! Thanks, Linda!

Posted by: likeaboss590 on November 4, 2015

when I tried to do this it was only for canada

Posted by: bryan on November 7, 2015

There's an American flag at the top right of the page. Click that.

Posted by: ingrid on November 7, 2015

Canada is good lol

Posted by: lillian56 on November 15, 2015

11-15-15 site posted "sold out"

Posted by: juliemarch on November 15, 2015

once u sign up..they will notify you yearly to go to their web page, answer a short survey & receive a really great amount of free samples.!..and it is only for canada..

Posted by: anonymous on October 4, 2016

"sold out" ?

Posted by: CateAteMyDogma on March 19, 2017

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