DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!! Seriously the worst free sample site there is! Never any products available and some people were waiting months before receiving their samples. The samples weren't that impressive either, stuff you can get at a dollar store.

Posted by: crazymel45 on November 16, 2016

and they email the CRAP out of you!!!

Posted by: anonymous on November 16, 2016

I use Pinchme and I do like it. I think they do sample days every month, so yesterday was November's. You just have to be patient and wait for those days. I got a few samples - some months are better than others but I've gotten free bags of cat food, cat litter, dishwashing products, free coupons for things, etc. Sometimes they even randomly email me and tell me I can get a deluxe sample and I got a ton of Neutrogena products! They do email a lot, but not too much where I'm annoyed. I guess the experience is different for everyone.

Posted by: mizzcrosby87 on November 16, 2016

I haven't been selected the past 2 times. Think they might have an age restriction. Also, some "special" people get early access. That is NOT fair

Posted by: sandra burns on November 16, 2016

I have been a member for a year and a half. At first it was great, but now it has very little value. To be fair, when you get samples, often they're full size. I received a Splenda sample and instead of a pack with 2 pellets, I got a full sleeve pack. You have to qualify for a sample based on an extensive profile, and I haven't received any offers for the last 4 months. You get 1-2 e-mails per week, so that's not really excessive. About 7 months ago PinchMe started a "club" where you pay (don't remember how much) and you get early access to samples. My opinion is that most samples go to this group, and ordinary members get what's left over, if anything. Samples are available one time a month, usually anywhere from the 12th through the 17th. Sample day starts at noon, and if you log on at 12:10, forget it! It was great when it was free, and it's still free if you choose, but you get little, if any opportunity.

Posted by: waltwins on November 17, 2016

I got it for a few months, but stopped bothering. Same samples over and over it seemed, nothing overly exciting. How many lotion samples does one person need?

Posted by: Tsmom01 on November 26, 2016

I agree with these comments. The freebie site that I go to most offer is, however it has the exact same samples as freebieshark and bargainator.

Posted by: amayelle on November 26, 2016

They're great! You're able to get a bunch of stuff. They email you a lot, but that's easily taken care of by unsubscribing. You're able to get boxes every week and samples every Tuesday. Highly recommend.

Posted by: Riah Wemple on October 30, 2018

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