here too all non pin to win
i am curious has anyone ever won a sweep from pintrest? myself i havent nor do i know anyone that has

Posted by: landonsmum on June 21, 2018

Silly question. How do you enter a contest from a PIN? I clicked on everything and nothing brings up a URL.

Posted by: Kmn711 on June 21, 2018

there is usually a link like right below the pic in the pin sometimes too just click the pic it will take u

Posted by: landonsmum on June 21, 2018

It's weird but when I click on the site link that contest girl provided, if I click on "visit" or "read it", it usually takes me to the contest. When I tried clicking on your pins, it just brings up a bunch of other pins, not the contest site or form. I tried clicking on my own pins that I posted for bonus entries, and I just get a bunch of other pins, not the contest form (except for one, it took me to the contest). I don't know. Something not working right for me.

Posted by: Kmn711 on June 21, 2018

kmn it is just showing giveaway pins on pintrest, for multiple other giveaways u can enter if u click each one of the pins there

Posted by: landonsmum on June 21, 2018

win nil on pint twiter

Posted by: anonymous on June 21, 2018

Landonsmum, I guess I'm just not doing something right. For example, when I click on your "Stand Up For Fitness Giveaway" PIN, a page comes up with a bunch of other giveaway PINS (But none of them are for the Stand Up For Fitness Giveaway). I just thought if i clicked on to that PIN, that it would take me to that giveaway link, not other giveaway PINS). I can't get to the Stand Up For Fitness giveaway by clicking on that specific PIN. It's just strange. Maybe something is wrong with my Pinterest account set up, or maybe i just can't do it right. Probably the latter.. lol. But thanks for trying to help. I appreciate that.

Posted by: Kmn711 on June 21, 2018

I have never quite figured Pinterest out - probably because it doesn't interest me much. Consequently I have never won anything on Pinterest.

However, I have won things on Twitter. I've even won at a couple of Twitter parties. :-) Rock on!! LOL

Posted by: nancerelli on June 21, 2018

It goes without saying that you must READ THE RULES for yourself to verify eligibility, pin requirements, etc.

Posted by: nancy2880 on June 21, 2018

This is probably more US based, correct?

Posted by: wonderwhatif on June 21, 2018

wow a lot of these contests ended 2-3 years ago...

Posted by: fearless_fx on June 21, 2018

I don't know about you, but I don't have the time to read up on each of these contest listed on Pinterest. Like others have stated, there are contest still posted there that expired years ago. Why would anyone want to spend time there, when it is all laid out for you on sites like these. Once a contest is expired, it is removed before the next playing day. People appreciate sites like contestgirl. At least that the way I see it.

Posted by: Anon1 on June 22, 2018

Here's the USA site:
Good luck, all.

Posted by: cabn44 on July 14, 2018

I usually find pinterest contests that have already ended

Posted by: chicg on September 11, 2018

ni win

Posted by: anonymous on September 11, 2018

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