"return airfare"? Does this mean you gotta get there on your own dime?

Posted by: stacytracy on January 18, 2019

no, return airfare means you get to go there and then return :)

Posted by: anonymous on January 18, 2019

This is such a pretty place - their jams are fantastic and they also have a lovely garden to wander around in

Posted by: warrior1 on January 19, 2019

Why don't they just call it ROUND-TRIP?

Posted by: anonymous on January 19, 2019

The rules state you have to join their newsletter mailing list - and you have to do that separately! It isn't in the entry form. Sneaky little detail there.

Posted by: Indium111 on May 11, 2019

Thanks Indium111. That's key info to note.

Posted by: Kikou on November 17, 2019

Thanks Indium111 for the heads up!

Posted by: Platform on November 26, 2019

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