why is this here, you can only register once

Posted by: skeetersden on February 9, 2019

Once you've registered you will receive an email every day which you can enter.

Posted by: olga on February 9, 2019

Think I will pass on this! Got the following message when I tried to enter:

Sorry, we could not process your request.
We are sorry, there was a problem processing your transaction, please try again. If it persists please contact our customer care at customer.service@readersdigest.ca

Posted by: warrior1 on February 9, 2019

I got the4 same message, I think it is because I said I am not a current subscriber

Posted by: jenneral on February 9, 2019

I got same message a while back but they fixed it for me

Posted by: Shosh1 on February 9, 2019

They had a bunch of problems with their website lately. We even got an apology from them today. You will get an unending reminder to participate everyday through your email.

Posted by: Maliergo on February 9, 2019

I wouldn't touch readers digest with a ten foot pole
you will be sorry lol

Posted by: mastodon on February 9, 2019

I won an all inclusive matan riviera thru RD in 2010

Posted by: Shosh1 on February 9, 2019

I have been entering this contest (used to be a $5000 prize) for several years now. I haven't won yet, but I haven't been spammed either. I hear nothing from them, other than the daily e-mail with the entry code for that day.

Posted by: Sue A. on February 9, 2019

I don't know what they're like with email, but I've tried to cancel the subscription of a woman who died and it was basically impossible. For all I know, they're still sending her magazines and invoices to this day.

Posted by: avivafm on February 10, 2019

I know someone who won the $1000 so it is possible.

Posted by: olga on February 10, 2019

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