New contest, same problem...won't accept password I changed during last contest. What seems to be the problem with them??

Posted by: mjg on February 28, 2019

Never had a problem entering

Posted by: anonymous on March 1, 2019

sorry to hear that mjg I have never had a problem with co op contests even won a few ;)

Posted by: mastodon on March 3, 2019

No problem entering

Posted by: mc2018 on March 3, 2019

mjg, Contact them. I had that problem before & missed out in entering one other contest. They somehow permanently change the password on the contest entry and you can't change it to the correct password. The only way I got it to work last time was to have them contact the IT Dept & manually change my password.

Posted by: Sharen on March 7, 2019

Yes - same problem every time they have a new contest. I deleted my stored password then clicked the 'forgot password' so that I could reset everything.

Posted by: olga on March 14, 2019

yeah sometimes the submit button doesn't even work for me I have to redo the login several times co-op login is just as bad as tasty

Posted by: mastodon on March 18, 2019

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