I have always wanted to win icing!!!

Posted by: Beigewood on March 14, 2019

LOL - this must be all the stuff t hey can't get rid of!

Posted by: warrior1 on March 14, 2019

...or stuff that potential folks left behind.

I remember the episode with the icing. They really liked the product - but I can't remember if any of them invested.

Posted by: nancerelli on March 14, 2019

can not enter today Error
No user, campaign or APIkey specified

Posted by: jiidii on March 19, 2019

I got the same message jiidii

Posted by: GG on March 19, 2019

I don't think they got a deal on Dragon's Den. I saw it on sale at Bulk Barn.

Posted by: GG on March 19, 2019

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