This entry form(Gotham Steel) shows up but not for the Samsung Chrome!!

Posted by: botlskru on March 31, 2019

fyo I bought a Gotham frying pan and the first few times I used it it seemed to ok but now if I fry bacon in it...... it is very hard to clean and nothing slides off without oil.

Posted by: guitargal on March 31, 2019

Yep, definitely still need to use oil with the Gotham steel pans. And ya can't use metal utensils like the commercial says either. Also ya gotta use a lower heat cause stuff cooks fast in em. But they are great and easy to clean, for a little while. lol. I'll still enter for em:)

Posted by: LuckyLola on March 31, 2019

maybe one day, they'll go ceramic coating - it does last a little longer. I have that basket over a cookie sheet from day one it needed extra oil.

Posted by: Lisa1954 on April 1, 2019

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