"To obtain your first entry into the Contest, write an original, legible hand-written
essay (the Essay ) of at least 1000 words explaining why you would like to win the
prizes offered, along with your full name, complete mailing address including postal
code, phone number with area code, email address, and age..."
Up to 5 other essay entries as well.

Posted by: stymchuk on April 18, 2019

yeah, that's not happening

Posted by: Tazo on April 18, 2019


Posted by: lbishere on April 18, 2019

You can play for a chance weekly
Click on enter the contest
Play without a promo code is at top of page

Posted by: lindasvarovsky on April 18, 2019

It is a weekly without purchase. I tried entering again and it was written about not wanting to spoil and to return in 7 days.

Posted by: Lisa1954 on April 18, 2019

I got that message too, Lisa

Posted by: warrior1 on April 22, 2019

still getting that message

Posted by: skeetersden on May 3, 2019

Same message for me too re 'wouldn't want to spoil you'

Posted by: paula3kids on May 4, 2019

Our store said Vachon products not available because of a flood in their Quebec plant.

Posted by: jane1 on May 10, 2019

.50 and a .75 coupon off. nice!

Posted by: Lisa1954 on May 25, 2019

I won a 2 for 1

Posted by: tomgirl on May 29, 2019

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