1. Does anyone else find it lame when a car company sponsors a contest and there is no car as a prize?

2. Sid Bream was out at the plate.

3. As retribution for the Braves benefiting from that blown call, this promotion should only be open to Pittsburgh residents.

Posted by: sweepsaddict on May 5, 2019

Very odd. The Toyota vehicle is the only pictured item on the entry form.

Posted by: Tycobbn on May 5, 2019

The secondary prizes of Marathon Gas cards are somewhat useless to Canadians. We do do not have access to that retailer here.

Posted by: Indium111 on May 11, 2019

Not useless. You can have a heck of an American road trip with a $500 gas card

Posted by: Tycobbn on May 12, 2019

There is a Marathon station in Ajax Ontario.

Posted by: jane1 on June 9, 2019

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