Hmmm, i hit submit and there's no confirmation if my submission went through...

Posted by: goshogun on May 8, 2019

Does anyone have a UPC number that they could share?

Posted by: AnnieR on May 8, 2019

066343119472 BBQ 220g, but as goshogun said, there is no confirmation.

Posted by: Lee93 on May 8, 2019

I got a confirmation that it went through.

Posted by: xakhaz on May 8, 2019

yep, it now seems to be working

Posted by: goshogun on May 9, 2019

Thank you Lee93. It worked just fine.

Posted by: AnnieR on May 9, 2019

066343119502 for 220g of Salt & Vinegar worked for me.

My nephew's wife's mother works for Old Dutch here in Winnipeg. I guess that's
distant enough that I can still enter.

Posted by: Dinny on May 9, 2019

I entered May 8, and when I tried to enter today May 15, I got a message saying I had already entered this week. I read the contest rules and the entry periods and clearly this is ok. Anybody else have this issue?

Posted by: olga on May 15, 2019

olga, same here

Posted by: Lee93 on May 15, 2019

I sent an email to Old Dutch and they just responded saying they have fixed the problem.

Posted by: olga on May 16, 2019

Thank you, olga

Posted by: Lee93 on May 16, 2019

Don't see in the rules what a "Participating Product" is, but I just got back from the store and noticed bags of Old Dutch with "65th Anniversary" banners on them.
Maybe these are the "Participating Products'.
And, you can just grab the UPC, don't need to buy.

I'll try to grab some UPCs next time I'm there

Posted by: willymike on May 17, 2019

066343119892 220g Ripple Chips

Posted by: Dinny on May 21, 2019

keeps sayin upc code invalid and i tried all the ones here

Posted by: tomgirl 4 hours ago

That is strange Tomgirl. They work for me. UPC must be 12 digits. Could they be tracking the province by any chance? You have to be living in Manitoba, Alberta, Sask. or BC. I live in Manitoba.

Posted by: Dinny 3 hours ago

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