Is this one a single entry ?

Posted by: Christine60 on May 29, 2019

I checked the rules and it is a daily contest.

Posted by: intrepidbc on May 29, 2019

"email address has already been entered"

Posted by: ronnieg on May 29, 2019

daily entry however appears to be 24hr. Tried to enter this morning, last entered yesterday afternoon.

Posted by: anon9 on May 29, 2019

Not letting me in even after 24 hours...

Posted by: eabeier on June 1, 2019

Me either.

Posted by: SUZIEQ on June 2, 2019

Getting This form has already been submitted, even though time-wise I should be good.

Posted by: CatAteMyDogma on June 4, 2019

Looks like it finally works.

"Your responses were successfully submitted. Thank you!"

Posted by: paulyana on June 10, 2019

website was down this morning

Posted by: demon1102 on June 22, 2019

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