"Email invalid"

Anyone else?

Posted by: Tazo on June 9, 2019

Me too...invalid email

Posted by: 52scotland on June 10, 2019

Has anyone won instantly?

Posted by: Shosh1 on June 13, 2019

I enter my email, and it says daily limit reached. Every time.

Posted by: Dawnvon on June 13, 2019

Since the values of this prize are not given.
Based on raptors webpage here is an example of minimum prize value of 4 seasons upper level seats.
For example, if you were in interested in Section 308 Row 13 ($90 per ticket) and Package 1 (20 games), you would:
- Multiply 90 by 20 = 1800
- You then multiply 1800 by 4 (quantity of tickets in Section 308 Row 13)
- You end up with the approximate cost of $7,200 for your quote.

Posted by: Anon9 on July 3, 2019

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