how do I screen shot on a pc?

Posted by: sarak on June 10, 2019

Not my taste. That vest is sure to be a hit with my friends, ha.

Posted by: wildthing58 on June 10, 2019

sarak print screen button

Posted by: skeetersden on June 10, 2019

to screenshot on my chromebook you have to press CTRL and then PRNTSCREEN button at the same time (It looks like a rectangle with two lines to the right of it)

Posted by: Beigewood on June 10, 2019

Can we enter the same screenshot or do all five have to be unique/different?

Posted by: whoisthat on June 10, 2019

Idk I just entered five different ones to be safe

Posted by: Beigewood on June 11, 2019

sarak there is a print screen button on the keyboard, just press that then it will go into your screen shot folder

Posted by: lyndac68 on June 11, 2019

doesn't seem to be doing anything, not sure where that folder is.....

Posted by: sarak on June 11, 2019

what version of windows are you using

Posted by: skeetersden on June 12, 2019

I figured it out on my phone, just going to enter that way...thanks for all the help

Posted by: sarak on June 12, 2019

Alternatively, if you can't find your sreenshots folder, When you hit the PrintScrn key, it also saves an image in your clipboard, just like using copy & paste. Then you can open the Paint app or something similar and paste it in and then save that image to your desktop.

Posted by: Ztu3091 on June 12, 2019


Posted by: skeetersden on June 13, 2019

thank you for all the help:)

Posted by: sarak on June 13, 2019

Thanks for the helpful comments. GL everyone!

Posted by: DanaRoman on June 14, 2019

Anyone know if it tells you when you reached your limit?

Posted by: loungetime on June 18, 2019

It does tell you that you have reached your limit after 5 submissions. Anyone win yet? Good Luck :)

Posted by: MaryA on June 21, 2019

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