who owns these tracks?

Posted by: seadog on February 13, 2020

It is a ruffed grouse
It told me the answer after I guessed. You are still entered even if you get the answer wrong

Posted by: tarahanley on February 13, 2020

The answer for week 7 is ruffed grouse!

Posted by: Platform on February 13, 2020

the answer for week 8 is pine martin

Posted by: Kats9 on February 17, 2020

hubby and I live up off algonquin park, bought ourselves new aluminum showshoes for xmas. down 16 pounds and have found over 30 different tracks in our area. Last week we found a just shed moose antler, its now a coat hook in our mudroom. finding and identifying tracks is a very obsessive hobby and enjoyable.

Posted by: Shirley54 on February 17, 2020

wow shirley! The last time I went snowshoeing was about twenty years ago... it's HARD WORK!!!

Posted by: Beigewood on February 18, 2020

Answer for week 8 is PINE MARTEN thank you Kats9 I'm just updating the spelling... I'm not sure if it would matter to the contest provider?

Posted by: Beigewood on February 18, 2020

awe PINE MARTEN's are sooooo cute!

Posted by: all3y3zonm3 on February 19, 2020

lol beigewood, just putting those snowshoes on is a workout , good for you Shirley54!

Posted by: seadog on February 20, 2020

the aluminum snowshoes on amazon are lightweight, narrower than the older style wood ones and they have easy on and off clips. just slide your boot into and under the 2 straps that go over your boot and a back strap that goes behind your ankle.and clips. on and off in 15 seconds. and you have poles which helps with balance and they are so much fun and easy to use. they also have steel teeth underneath which dig in and you cant fall even going down steep hills. I hadnt snowshoed for decades either and tried cross country skiing back in the 80's and I sucked at that, fell at every hill. We are in our sixties now and feel like we finally found an outdoor winter activity that is seriously easy and fun to do. best shape I have been in years. You can really go fast on snowshoes.

Posted by: Shirley54 on February 20, 2020

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