2 point bonus per entrant available

Posted by: 1ranburd on May 21, 2020

Do you have to click the Subscribe to Newsletter box to enter these? I uncheck it and am not sure my entries are taking . I get the red Thank you for Entering message, but the entry form is still filled in with my name and email as if it hasn t been submitted. And I never get the Bonus Entry option.

Posted by: mariatini on May 21, 2020

After you get the confirmation, scroll down to see any Bonus offers that might be available. Only the most recent contests seem to have these; Keurig and Nordstrom both do

Posted by: 1ranburd on May 22, 2020

1ranburd - you mentioned in a different Steamy Kitchen contest comment section that your count is off - that you were missing the bonus entries in your count. When you enter, does the Viral Sweep Entry Form blank out and give you a count of how many entries you have? When I enter, my name and email address stay in the Viral Sweeps Entry Form. There is no count.

Posted by: mariatini on May 22, 2020

Hi mariatini! I am not sure who compiles what I am looking at but it is at the area where you get confirmations on each entry. There is a small box that you can click on and it will open a list of all of your daily entries. In the case of the $500 Cash contest, it shows my first 10 bonuses, but not the second 10, even though, in another section of the form it states that I have 20 bonus entries with a big check mark. My whole point in starting this is to urge everyone to keep good records of their entries since this project is something of a work in progress

Posted by: 1ranburd on May 22, 2020

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