Didn't work for me.

Posted by: Xakhaz on July 31, 2020

Worked OK for me

Posted by: warrior1 on July 31, 2020

Xakhaz did you hit the enter button at the top? The entry form didn't come up for me until I hit enter.

Posted by: Mugwamp on July 31, 2020

gawd finally they changed their captcha after 10,000,000 entries
the old one was effing insane !!!
now I am motivated to enter
I won a montreal trip with them it was my first big win contesting all expenses paid, 500 rave spree - vip club admission on NYE $500 +flights and 3 nights hotel it was bomb this was about 15 years ago and I was hooked on contesting ever since hehe

Posted by: mastodon on August 1, 2020

Ha ha! @mastodon, one of my first big wins was with Canada.com. I won a $5,000 travel voucher and I have been hooked on contesting ever since! :-)

Posted by: nancerelli on August 1, 2020

nice win !!! I wasn't sure about the whole thing until I got a HUGE epic win hahaa another big one for me was 14k cash in listerine contest that just floored me lol

Posted by: mastodon on August 2, 2020

That IS a great win, mastodon! I have won a few trips but only once won $5000 cash. I haven't had a big win for a long time now, so I'm hoping 2020 will be lucky for me :-) (and you!) ha ha

Posted by: nancerelli on August 3, 2020

yeah some years are not so good you just win some socks or something you feel pretty let down for all the time spent entering then you win a huge win next years its awesome :)

Posted by: mastodon on August 4, 2020

I heard another thread a few months ago
I have been entering ALL YEAR and all I won was an iron !!!
HAHAHA yep in a nutshell that is what contesting is as a career
and 2 lbs of ground beef bahahaha

Posted by: mastodon on August 4, 2020

Contest working for me now. I've had NO luck this year at all! I think i've won 1 thing since the beginning of the year... :(

Posted by: Xakhaz on August 5, 2020

aw :) look up ur win is coming ^.^

Posted by: mastodon on August 6, 2020

its been pretty slim pickings too this year since covid contest dailies are down to three pages vs the usual 6-9 or so !! so there is a lot of people out of work and looking for the perfect side hustle :P

Posted by: mastodon 3 hours ago

Even my neighbours have commented that I haven't been winning much lately! Good god. But I'm sure you're right. Many folks at home are entering the online sweeps and us regulars have a lot more competition.

Posted by: nancerelli 59 minutes ago

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