Same issue as last time this contest was posted, it won't allow me to choose a province until I hit submit, it highlights the field, and then the drop down menu works. ?

Posted by: olga on September 26, 2020

worked for me (Ontario), but took a while to submit.

Posted by: lnelson8 on September 27, 2020

I have sent a message to them as I can't get the entry form to work. You start to fill it out and it goes to another page.

Posted by: Mugwamp on October 1, 2020

I got a message from them:
Hi, thank you for your feedback. We have checked the contest form and it is working. Maybe you want to try again? Thanks.
So I tried, Firefox, Google & Edge and it's still not working for me.

Posted by: Mugwamp on October 5, 2020

try adding province first and it worked when I didn't use autofill

Posted by: mlake on October 7, 2020

Thank you mlake that worked.

Posted by: Mugwamp on October 7, 2020

Odds are pretty slim. Only 10% of all entries received during each monthly period get put into the draw for the prize.

Posted by: Jt on December 27, 2020

The form initially wouldn't accept my province, but if you wait a few seconds, it does accept entry .

Posted by: lnelson8 on February 4, 2021

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