Posted by: athenag on November 3, 2020

Maybe it hasn't started yet?

Posted by: johnnyalright on November 3, 2020

The new entry period was supposed to start 11/01. No sweat. You have until the end of the month to enter.

Posted by: sysays on November 3, 2020

Daily..."There's no purchase necessary and you can enter once per day,"

Posted by: altheajj on November 11, 2020

Whoops....looking at wrong entry, please disregard the above,.

Posted by: altheajj on November 11, 2020

Anybody find an open entry form?

Posted by: mjrudy on November 13, 2020

11/20 and still no entry form for November. Still saying the entry period has ended.

Posted by: antostal on November 21, 2020

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