It appears all weeks except this current week you have only 5 hours to play between 8pm and 1 am the next morning. Seems odd they give you 9 days this week as opposed to 5 hours the other week. I would assume a typo.

Posted by: Winks on November 15, 2020

Yes Winks, I believe the 11/12 week is a typo since it won't let us play the game right now

Future Weekly Entry periods (one entry per week)

11/19 at 8:00 pm ET...... to......11/20 at 1:00 am ET
11/25 at 8:00 pm ET...... to......11/26 at 1:00 am ET
12/3 at 8:00 pm ET...... to......12/4 at 1:00 am ET
12/10 at 8:00 pm ET...... to......12/11 at 1:00 am ET

Grand prize picked from all weekly entries

Posted by: Kmn711 on November 15, 2020

Anyone know how to play? Maybe I read the rules to quickly but I don't see game directions.

Posted by: booful on November 20, 2020

Game is live now.
Anybody watching these terrible movies and playing the bingo cards?

Posted by: Hookemtex78 on November 20, 2020

I just clicked all the boxes and hit submit and it said, "Sorry, you re not a winner.
Try again next week for another chance to win!"

Posted by: rickstar1 on November 20, 2020

Yeah i just picked a handfull and it said it didn't win either.
Not sure if you have to pick the right ones or if its a random deal.
Guess I'll play next week too.

Posted by: Hookemtex78 on November 20, 2020

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