Does anyone ever win this Cruise

I've been applying every year for at least three or four.

A question anybody else

Does using Google form fill in invalidate entries even if you confirm your human or past the security test

Posted by: Ed_mitchell2001 on December 4, 2020

I didn't win this one but I won a 7 day cruise to the British West Indies with stops at five islands. Included airfare from south Alabama to Orlando and a bus ride to Port Canaveral. Ride back to Orlando was a chauffer in a new Cadillac. It was a Carnival cruise.

Posted by: trey4u on December 4, 2020

I won one of them last year.

Posted by: jenniebeanhall on December 4, 2020

And neither one of you winners invited me to join you!? Just kidding. Congrats to you.
I personally don't think auto-fill makes a difference unless the rules say specifically
that the entry must be manually keyed in or something like that. Rarely see this.

Posted by: FunGuy on December 4, 2020

good to know somebody wins.. i started doing sweepstakes 3 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 5 months and have yet to win ANYTHING lol

Posted by: cmac0330 on December 4, 2020

That's surprising cmac. When I first started Around November 2018 I was winning
multiple nice prizes every week. I remember in one day I'm December I won 5 different prizes. Needless to say I was hooked. That winning lasted roughly 3 months. Since then I average one or two wins a month if I'm lucky. I actually went over 4 months without winning anything earlier this year. With me beginner's luck was definitely a thing. I swear though, it seems like after I had to turn down a $10,000 Rhine river cruise due to me being laid off work and no airfare included, any big wins have eluded me. You'll hit soon. Good luck

Posted by: Tycobbn on December 4, 2020

Wow, that's amazing! I am not giving up since something has got to give eventually. Sorry about your job. Im thinking maybe I got in at a bad time since everybody is working from home now and there are probably more entries than ever before.

Posted by: cmac0330 on December 4, 2020

by the way , what does a winning email look like? I put in key terms in my email everyday like congratulations and winner.

Posted by: cmac0330 on December 4, 2020

I've been entering this one for at least a year. Hope all those entries are good also.

Posted by: marymaz7 on December 4, 2020

Those terms will usually be in the email but I would definitely try some other things like congrats and affidavit and/or glance at all the email subjects. Sometimes the subject of the email is the name of the sweepstakes. Also, smaller wins and instant wins often come from an automated email that doesn t have someone s name on it but bigger wins usually come from an email with someone s name because you need a point person for getting the paperwork to. I find that those often go to spam for me. So definitely check your spam.

Posted by: ttcgirl on December 4, 2020

After you enter a contest on this site why does the page go back to the top?

Posted by: kenspig on December 4, 2020

I used to win a lot more often and BIG prizes when they were entered by good-ole snail mail.
Now that almost all are online I find wins rare and small. But, I just won a pair of
those "onesie" pajamas with beer pockets from Coors. I really wanted a pair. Thanks

Posted by: FunGuy on December 5, 2020

Sorry to hear of your lost of employment Tycobbn 19

Keep it up cmac0330 something will break your way.

I won a big trip to cali & six flags in 2018

Ever since small things pop up in the mail.

I was thinking of changing from entering on my phone & Google form fill.

Back to entering online by pc

Posted by: Ed_mitchell2001 on December 5, 2020

Btw some people don't know that you can also search key words in spam with Gmail. It's helped me a lot, not having to comb through 800 spam emails a day. All you do is type in:spam then the key word. So to search for the key word congrats, you'd type:

in:spam congrats

Posted by: Tycobbn on December 5, 2020

cmac, I've been going strong and steady with sweeping for about 5 years and I've won some very nice small prizes here and there. The small prizes keep me going and stories of wins (like Tycobbn and trey4u etc. ) give me hope. Don't give up, sending the best of luck to you and all the other sweepers - 2020 has been a crazy year we all deserve something super special

Posted by: tbattle on December 5, 2020

Was entered with auto filler for sure. BTW, within my family we have won several large prizes in the past two years. All of the large prizes will have attachments or at least that is what we found. The email was like this:

Subject: Country Music Cruise 2020 Cabin Winner

Message was:

WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Congratulations!

Welcome to the Country Music cruise! We can t wait to have you and your guest sailing away with us for six nights of dance fever at sea!

Please call an agent at 866.476.2879, at your earliest convenience, to provide all necessary information to sail the seas with Star Vista LIVE.

(please provide to agent when you call in).

What we will need from you:

Name as it appears on your passport; date of birth; passport book number and expiration date; emergency contact name and phone number; t-shirt size (free t-shirt!); guest first, last name; guest address; guest phone; guest email; guest date of birth; guest passport book number and expiration date; guest emergency contact name and phone number; guest t-shirt size.

We also need for you to complete the forms

Again, congratulations and welcome! We look forward to hearing from you soon

Kindest Regards,

Lori C.

Client Relations Specialist

StarVista LIVE

Malt Shop Memories Cruise (844) 855-6258

Southern Rock Cruise (844) 677-6884

Soul Train Cruise (844) 266-7685

The Country Music Cruise (866) 476-2879

Ultimate Disco Cruise (844) 296-3472

70s Rock and Romance Cruise (844) 466-7625

Flower Power Cruise (844) 700-3569

Posted by: jenniebeanhall on December 5, 2020

Thanks for sharing this information. We need to know what to look for when the big day comes.
"within my family we have won several large prizes in the past two years." - I love it, great news -AMAZING!

Posted by: tbattle on December 6, 2020

You guys are such a positive and awesome group! I started entering contests a couple years ago and for a few months, but not every day religiously. I won a $500 gift card and a phone holder. I got really busy and started entering again the other day and your comments have me super excited maybe I can win something big. I feel lucky to be a part of this group!!! Thanks for all of your positivity, especially towards one another!

Posted by: JillAnnA on March 21, 2021

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