What do they mean by maybe used towards travel. Can it be used something other than travel?

Posted by: orphanedious on June 7, 2021

They may be giving that impression, but one should read the official rules carefully to be sure. I also get the impression that this is an Instagram oriented sweepstakes because you have to follow bloggers on Instagram and also post pictures.

Posted by: bearkat70 on June 7, 2021

You aren't under any obligation to use it for travel.

The only time it's required is if they give you a travel ticket and it says in the rules "trip must be completed" by a certain date.

Posted by: KungFutse on June 9, 2021

Is it still an Instagram type sweepstakes?

Posted by: bearkat70 on June 10, 2021

No. They post the theme of the week on Instagram to give you an idea of what kind of picture to send, but you still submit the photo on their website.

Posted by: KungFutse on June 10, 2021

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