You may enter as often as once per day, but each submission must be original and unique, and NOT previously submitted. Duplicate or near duplicate Submissions will be disqualified.

Posted by: mjrudy on July 6, 2021

Heineken runs these very long contests with relatively small prizes considering the size and wealth of the company, and they always want unique submissions every day. Their other contest on here posted 1/5 and runs to 12/31 lasts a full year and they want a unique Heineken picture every day. That year long contest has prizes only totalling about $12k. This contest is a 9 month long contest (started March 29) and has prizes totalling $2500, and also requires a unique "story" every day. How many stories can we come up with about how we're supporting our local bars? The only real way to support our local bar is by going there and spending our money. How do we come up with hundreds of stories about spending our money at local bars? Its kinda ridiculous. Heineken is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. We'll go with Budweiser.

Posted by: Kmn711 on July 6, 2021

After submitting, it said: The email address you entered has already been submitted for an entry today. Maximum of one entry per day. Try back tomorrow (anytime after 12:00am ET). This is the first time I have seen this sweepstakes, and I definitely didn't enter before. Strange.

Posted by: wombat on July 6, 2021

I just tried entering again with a different email address that I never use for sweeps. Got the same message that I'd used that email already. I agree with Kmn711, I'll stick with Bud.

Posted by: wombat on July 6, 2021

Why did they wait until now to put out a contest like this?

Posted by: zonkr68 on July 10, 2021

Go, Bud!!

Posted by: evepun63 on July 11, 2021

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