anyone else having problems with the forms on steamy kitchen mine for the past wk are not pulling up right

Posted by: wghutton on September 16, 2021

wghutton no problems however, I'm dumping Steamy Kitchen from my list bc I've been entering daily for what?.....more years than I can remember with no win.....a waste of time, at least for me. good luck

Posted by: Platform on September 16, 2021

I appreciate your comments reference Steamy Kitchen. I too have entered many times, without a win. I even sent them a quick note asking if they were even legitimate. I haven t entered since.

Posted by: anernberg on September 18, 2021

I have won twice it was a $10 walmart instant win its just lately the forms are not working for me, its kinda hit and miss

Posted by: wghutton on September 20, 2021

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