Too bad this BBQ contest wasn't over @ the beginning of Summer instead of near the end of it.

Posted by: chrissy123 on April 18, 2022

Anyone else not getting into this one today?

Posted by: wilson on May 4, 2022

I'm having issues today as well, wilson.

Posted by: CreamyGoodness on May 4, 2022

No more daily component?

Posted by: Tazo on May 4, 2022

I've sent them a message, hopefully they will get back to me or at least fix it.

Posted by: Mugwamp on May 4, 2022

Yup, me too. Never seen this on any other H & H contests.

Posted by: AnnaBanana46 on May 4, 2022

They wrote back yesterday asking which particular contests weren't working but I haven't heard from them today yet.

Posted by: Mugwamp on May 5, 2022

Thank you for your efforts

Posted by: wilson on May 5, 2022

Thanks for trying.

Posted by: Cairn on May 6, 2022

Got an answer today.
Thank you for your email and continued interest in House & Home and participating in our contests.
At this time, we have decided to remove the option to offer daily entries.
We wish you the best of luck!

Posted by: Mugwamp on May 6, 2022

That's a bummer !! One thing to start the contest that way, but not fair to change it mid way through. Pisses me off.

Posted by: AnnaBanana46 on May 6, 2022

Linda looks like this isn't a daily anymore. So should it be moved to "odd" ?

Posted by: cubagirl on May 7, 2022

Thanks Mugwamp, I fixed it

Posted by: Contestgirl on May 7, 2022

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