15 dollars per Month?

Posted by: christine70 on June 9, 2022

If a prize is awarded in cash pursuant to this Section 9, One Country may pay such cash amount in up to two hundred and forty (240) equal successive, monthly installments. For sweepstakes beginning after July 1, 2021, One Country may pay such cash amount in up to three hundred and sixty (360) equal successive, monthly installments.

Posted by: tbattle on June 9, 2022

alternate entry...


Posted by: phonetrouble on June 9, 2022

Wait, so is the AMOE actually daily? Their rules are pretty threadbare and it doesn't actually say "Enter once daily" unless I missed it...

Posted by: aina on June 9, 2022

"Unless otherwise expressly provided in this specific sweepstakes, each entry using the alternate free entry method is automatically assigned the maximum of 200 entries to the applicable sweepstakes each day one enters. Regardless of how you enter, including by contribution, subject to the foregoing daily limitation, the maximum number of entries for any one person is restricted to 6,000 per person per month of sweepstakes."

So that's essentially comes to one entry per day unless there's 31 days in the month.

Posted by: trwus on June 9, 2022

they also have 3 vehicles & a trip contest also. I have been using the AMOE link under Legal Terms at the bottom of each prize page. I have been doing all of them daily for quite a while now.

Posted by: BeverlyWill on June 9, 2022

or you can take a million bucks!

Posted by: Beigewood on June 9, 2022

I'd take the cabin and list it for sale for 2.3 million lol

Posted by: Scout91 on June 9, 2022

That's what I was thinking Scout.

Posted by: Marcus75 on June 9, 2022

They have some really bad reviews. I am reading that the cabin is awarded as a lease
and so are the vehicles. Beautiful cabin but I'm going to pass on this.

Posted by: FunGuy on June 9, 2022

Thanks for the clarification, y'all

Posted by: aina on June 10, 2022

I won their April Sweeps for a Mercedes G Wagon and $50k Donation to charity of my choice, chose the Cash option of $250K.. It IS NOT a lump sum, but rather a monthly payment of $1000 for 250 months (20 years) not sure what happens when this place closes before then.. But for now, $1k/ month is welcomed GLA https://onecountry.com/blogs/1c-daily/tagged/winner

Posted by: crandreww on June 11, 2022

Nice. Congrats

Posted by: FunGuy on June 11, 2022

Congrats crandreww! 1k a month is a nice extra monthly

Posted by: tbattle on June 11, 2022

You can't sell the property, you don't win it, you get a life time lease;

if any sweepstakes involves a real property interest (e.g., a house) as a prize, One Country, in its sole and absolute discretion, in addition to its options under Section 9 of these Official Rules, may award the real estate interest by offering or causing a subsidiary to offer a written lease agreement (the "Lease") having a term equal to the lesser of the remaining lifetime of the winner or the maximum duration allowed applicable law at the time such lease agreement is offered pursuant hereto. The Lease shall contain customary terms which shall include (i) a prohibition against the winner assigning the Lease or subletting any property subject to the Lease,

Posted by: jilltonja on June 13, 2022

What would happen if someone passed before receiving their full amount from their winnings? As they say it's for 20 years of $1000. I think that's along time. Also no guarantees the business will be there in 20 years then what happens to one's win.

Posted by: shenac on June 15, 2022

Hard not to feel like there something slightly fishy going on here. Congrats to Crandreww, and I hope you get the full 250K, but with their monthly membership fees, 20 year payouts, and leases instead of ownership...One has to wonder if the plan is to line their own pockets and bankrupt the business later. Kind of the like the lifetime memberships to gyms scam. The gyms never stayed in business!

Posted by: doomerboomer on June 16, 2022

This is mainly limited to residents of the U.S. especially for the property and vehicle sweepstakes. In paragraph 10 and 11:
"Notwithstanding the specific rules on any sweepstakes page, a sweepstakes involving a motor vehicle as a prize shall be limited to legal residents of the United States."
"Notwithstanding the specific rules on any sweepstakes page, a sweepstakes involving a real property interest as a prize shall be limited to legal residents of the United States."
And it doesn't specifially say that residents of other countries can enter, just that "embargoed" countries can't enter, so I as a Canadian will just skip this. Nice concept, though, a giving contest. basically a raffle. Good Luck anyway...

Posted by: Filetguy on July 4, 2022

Bad Link but contest is still there if you google it

Posted by: gjw45248 on October 7, 2022

@crandreww: Thanks for posting the link -- you were truly blessed!
(Were you able to replace the car that was totaled?)

Posted by: JBRITTAIN2 on October 22, 2022

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