It says it ended on the last day of the first quarter (31 Mar)

Posted by: bonniw on July 1, 2022

Same, "This entry has been flagged by our anti-spam system. (31)"

It may be wiser to not enter via a link from here, maybe this contest doesn't want contesters.

Posted by: Timmeh on July 1, 2022

Bonniw, the contest is quarterly starting in January, so that one ended 31 Mar. then the next one ended Jun 30 and this quarter will end Sep 30.
Timmeh, I was able to enter with no issues.

Posted by: newfygirl on July 2, 2022

newfygirl Thanks. It just said that it started in January and ended at the end of the quarter so I assumed just one contest.

Posted by: bonniw on July 2, 2022

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