i have a chromebook..i have been able to enter all 7 eleven contests for years until now....i get this when i go to their website! what is going on?? i have cleared all my cookies, reset my computer etc etc...I live in BC CANADA...it is opened to me!

Sorry, but the form owner disabled submissions from your country. Please use an alternative way of getting in contact.!! ?????

Posted by: hopebc53 on July 8, 2022

hopebc53 the problem is with your ISP.
I had the same problem and have since moved to another province with a new ISP and now have no issues entering.

Posted by: vw on July 9, 2022

so u are telling him to move provinces HAHAHA this site is so funny L:

Posted by: mastodon on July 10, 2022

him/her/they so sorry duno

Posted by: mastodon on July 10, 2022

How do you enter this contest anyway?

Posted by: christine70 on July 11, 2022

Go back and read what I wote mastodon.

I never said to move provinces, what I said is that is an ISP issue.
Contact your ISP or change providers.

Posted by: vw on July 11, 2022

hopebc53, I also have a chromebook and it worked for me, good luck to you.

Posted by: lin13 on July 12, 2022

Ah I see

Posted by: christine70 on July 30, 2022

are you using a vpn

Posted by: kissmesexxy on August 15, 2022

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