Apparently, you can enter up to 6,000 times!

Posted by: warrior1 on July 11, 2022

each AMOE is worth 2000 points,
so you can only enter 3 times for each contest

Posted by: BeverlyWill on July 11, 2022

Since they give you 2000 entries for every one time you enter, that means you can enter a total of three times.

Posted by: trwus on July 11, 2022

and that is how they trick the people who don't read the rules, lol

Posted by: wonderlandzzz on July 11, 2022

I played 3 times a year ago and was told I had ordered something no thanks

Posted by: winns222 on July 11, 2022

I won a trip to Hawaii three years ago from Omaze. I only entered using the free entries. They were wonderful in arranging the trip arrangement.

Posted by: tina52 on July 11, 2022

@BeverlyWill + @trwus, where does it say how many entries each AMOE submission is worth?

Posted by: Tuor87 on July 11, 2022

@BeverlyWill + @trwus: Never mind... I think I found it. :)

Posted by: Tuor87 on July 11, 2022

Thanks everyone for the info I will give them another try

Posted by: winns222 on July 12, 2022

@tina52 that sounds amazing!! that gives me hope that these are winnable!

Posted by: wonderlandzzz on July 12, 2022

I won a $13K trip to Venice, Italy for Carnival a year before covid hit. Someone on here won a tesla powered '66 VW bus not too long ago. The cash option had to be at least $125K.

Posted by: trwus on July 12, 2022

yesssss thank you for sharing, that is awesome!

Posted by: wonderlandzzz on July 14, 2022

You only have 24 hours to respond by e-mail if you win. I previously won a yacht trip at St. Martin when their rules were more liberal that you only had 24 hours to sign the paperwork they sent to you by e-mail which they hadn't sent yet they picked another winner which at that time wasn't in the rules as they hadn't sent me the paperwork. They never gave me the prize even though their rules were abided by & I complained to Better Business Bureau & other agencies. I was in the hospital at the time but since they hadn't sent me the paperwork there was no 24 hours clause until I received the paperwork to sign. You now have to respond to their e-mail within 24 hours which there is now. Check your e-mail everyday as only 24 hours now. Also, their organization is a private one & the charity only receives a small percentage (I believe it's approximately 15% but check their rules for exact amount) of their earnings whereas Omaze receives most of the earnings minus the cost of the prize.

Posted by: Sharen on July 19, 2022

Also, if you win something from them, you cannot win for another 18 months.

Posted by: trwus on August 4, 2022

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