don't know that this is a weekly--entered last week, today it pops up with "congratulations, you're entered"????

Posted by: elliott on July 16, 2022

I.D. form won't advance or process?

Posted by: botlskru on July 17, 2022

same for me.... I tried in incognito mode in multiple browsers

Posted by: huricane on July 18, 2022

Thank you

Posted by: minnielucie on July 19, 2022

still not working for me

Posted by: huricane on July 24, 2022

After I typed my year, I hit tab and then enter and got through the age verification. Physically clicking enter with my mouse did not work. Entered today, fingers crossed

Posted by: erinjacky89 on July 30, 2022

I could only get it to work in firefox

Posted by: singermagic on August 12, 2022

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