Not really a weekly - "There is a total limit of sixty-nine (69) entries per person during the Promotion Period, inclusive of one (1) Opt-In Entry, five (5) Bonus Quiz or Mail-In Entries, and sixty-three (63) Share Entries (all as further outlined below)"

Posted by: weth on February 7, 2023

True weth; more like "Monthly". Though the monthly entry periods are just for the $1000 VISA gift card prizes, and those entries are gained by sharing on social media or via email (1 for each platform, and up to 5 emails per monthly period). In the rules they call them "sharing periods". In the table under item 3 "Entry Period" in the rules, they seem to have accidentally left the "Start Date" for each entry period in that middle column as February 6th. I'm pretty sure the first one should read February 6, then next one down March 6th, and next one down April 6th, and so on.

A bit confusing, but what a prize that Grand Prize is! Good luck All!

Posted by: SueA on February 7, 2023

I've just read my confirmation email from them and it says "...Don t forget to register again on February 6, 2023 to enter into the draws for the Monthly Prizes and Grand Prizes..." Maybe they mean March 6th...

Anyway, in their email they're implying that the monthly entries (for sharing) count toward Grand Prize entries as well as the monthly $1000 draws.


Good luck, all the same.

Posted by: SueA on February 8, 2023

When Bottom fell backwards into the fire, what did he create?
An award winning shadow

Why was Ded upset?

His divorce had become final

this is all i got right in the questions

Posted by: tomgirl on February 12, 2023

Platos Cave Answers
1 A comic book
2 A man s body and the head of donkey
3 The enormous black vacuum
4 An award winning shadow
5 His divorce had become final

Posted by: crandreww on February 13, 2023

thank you for the answers

Posted by: Sharon24k on February 14, 2023


Posted by: Theara on February 14, 2023

Sexual Desire Answers:
1 Rolled up Outback Shorts
2 A hillbilly, a Norwegian, and a man with a deep voice
3 Beware of the doctor
4 Armadillos
5 The Hammock

Posted by: crandreww on March 1, 2023

Thanks to all for answers!

Posted by: mysterious on March 2, 2023

Answers for Sicilian Illusions in Who Killed Jerusalem?

What at Buffalo State College rescued Ded from his inability to form normal human relationships?

What did most of Ded s fellow students see sociology as:
--A way to get through college without having to work

What did 97.8% of Sicilian fathers say when they discovered their daughter having premarital sex?
--Mamma Mia!

What was the Sicilian father s instrument for sending damaged goods back to their maker?
--A shotgun

What was Ded s term of choice for any emotion-laden perception by someone locked up inside an experience, unable to see the truth a dispassionate observer standing outside the experience could see?
--A Sicilian illusion

Posted by: sandysfaves on March 5, 2023

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