From the rules: "Limit ten (10) entries per person during the Sweepstakes Period."

Posted by: catsters on February 21, 2023

Limit ten (10) entries per person during the Sweepstakes Period. If any individual submits entries in excess of the disclosed maximum, by any means, including but not limited to establishing multiple email accounts, they will be disqualified from participation in this Sweepstakes.

Posted by: crandreww on February 21, 2023

That's weird. Easy Home Meals used to be daily for a long time. Why the change?

Posted by: KungFutse on February 24, 2023

It is strange. And these are weekly drawing periods too. The entries do NOT carry over into subsequent drawing periods. So we should be sure to spread our entries out over the weeks so we have an entry in each weekly drawing. Each drawing period begins every Monday at 12 p.m. ET

Posted by: Kmn711 on February 24, 2023

Thanks for pointing that out, Kmn711.

Posted by: munsie54 on February 25, 2023

Happy to help!

Posted by: Kmn711 on February 25, 2023

If you entered everyday since it was posted, today is the last day.

Posted by: Winks on March 1, 2023

And if you entered every day since it was posted, you weren't very smart because you missed out on all future drawings for this contest.

Posted by: Kmn711 on March 1, 2023

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